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Unexpected Detour to Inspired Creation: Tejas Pore’s Journey in the World of Mixology

Tejas Pore

Instagram Handle – @tejaspours
Industry Experience – 9 years
Favorite Drink – Negroni and Cuba Libre
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drinks – Kokum Soda, Ginger Lemon Squash

Tejas Pore’s story is a cocktail of unexpected twists, passion, and a generous dash of entrepreneurial spirit. It’s a journey that started with different aspirations but took a detour into the world of bartending, eventually culminating in the creation of his beloved bar, Pablo’s Familia, in Goa. While pursuing hotel management, his initial dreams led him to Dubai for industrial training, a seemingly conventional start to his career. However, fate had other plans. By a fortuitous twist, Tejas discovered the alluring world of bartending, a revelation that ignited a new passion within him. A chance encounter with a Tunisian bartender while he was working in the Voda bar in Dubai sparked a fascination that would redefine his career path. The charisma, the artistry, the enchanting ability of a bartender to weave connections over a meticulously crafted drink – it all painted a picture of irresistible allure.

After returning to India from Dubai, Tejas had his sights set on pursuing his post-graduation in Canada, but fate had other ideas in store for him. An opportunity at the JW Marriott as a Guest Service Associate opened doors to the world of beverages, reigniting his passion for bartending.

The bar industry, however, wasn’t always sunshine and margaritas. Tejas acknowledges the struggle against misconceptions and a lack of respect for the craft and the industry. “People don’t respect bartenders much,” he says, a hint of hope in his voice, “but I believe things will change.” He emphasizes the core qualities that make a great bartender: a genuine heart, warmth, and a constant thirst for knowledge and evolution.

For the past five years, Tejas has poured his heart and soul into Goa. From cultivating connections to mastering the essentials, Tejas has embraced every aspect. Emphasizing on cost-effectiveness, he ensured his dream wouldn’t fade away quickly, leading to the creation of Pablo Familia.

The motto behind Pablo’s Familia according to Tejas is simple yet powerful: to preserve Goa’s unique tavern spirit while giving it a contemporary twist. Tejas believes in fostering a positive culture, where customers value his staff as much as the expertly crafted cocktails. His journey has been swift, a continuous learning experience that has fuelled his ambition to open more bars in the future.

Looking back, Tejas chuckles about his family’s reaction towards his venture. “They’re happy,” he says, “but they still tell people I run a hotel or restaurant, not a bar!”

“While the past decade has seen a welcome shift in how bartending is perceived, both as an industry and a career option, there’s still a whole world of appreciation waiting to be opened.” he adds

For aspiring bartenders, Tejas’ advice is clear: master the basics, refine your communication skills and strive to connect with your customers as you craft each cocktail. He also encourages bartenders to have a life outside the bar, to pursue hobbies and passions that enrich their lives.

Top of Tejas’ list of international bars to visit? La Capilla in Mexico and Cantina OK in Australia.

And his final words are a powerful reminder of respect in the hospitality industry: “Hospitality doesn’t mean selling yourself. We treat guests well, but they too should know how to behave.”

Tejas Pore’s story is an inspiration for anyone who dares to chase their dreams, even if they take an unexpected turn. It’s a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and a good Negroni (or two). So, raise a glass to Tejas, the bartender-turned-entrepreneur, and the vibrant community he’s built at Pablo’s Familia. Cheers!