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The story of Eekh Rum – India’s Premium Rum, Crafted from Sugarcane

Name of the Product/ Brand – Eekh Rum

Instagram Handle – @eekhrum


Directors – Abhijeet Roy and Simran Singh

Instagram – @abhijeetroy11 and @simran_singh.31

Imagine a rum that embodies the essence of India, crafted with natural ingredients and a name that whispers of its heritage.!
That’s Eekh Rum for you!

The story of Eekh Rum begins with Abhijeet Roy and Simran Singh, the directors of Madhushala Beverages Private Limited, who took inspiration from their diverse experiences and passions to create something unique.

“Eekh literally translates to ‘sugarcane’ in Hindi. It’s a prevalent word used in Hindi-speaking and northern regions to refer to sugarcane.” says Abhijeet.

The genesis of Eekh Rum lies in Abhijeet’s quest for a sugarcane-based spirit and Simran’s love for single malt whisky and disdain for artificially sweetened rum. Together, they aimed to craft a premium rum that would challenge perceptions and elevate the drinking experience.

Abhijeet’s journey was marked by challenges, yet infused with excitement. While managing an English pub in London he witnessed the fervour and affection people had for the Caipirinha, crafted with Cachaça (distilled from sugarcane), especially during carnival seasons. This experience ignited his passion to find an Indian sugarcane-based spirit akin to it, leading to the birth of Eekh Rum.

During the challenges of the Covid era, Abhijeet and Simran found a silver lining. With extra time on their hands, they focused on creating a rum that captured the essence of sugarcane ensuring pure quality.

Their journey wasn’t without its challenges. Securing finances and introducing this new rum category were among the hurdles they encountered initially. Yet, their dedication and perseverance paid off as they managed to garner attention and acclaim.

Unlike conventional rums, Eekh Rum stays true to its roots. It boasts the absence of artificial flavors, additives, or sugars. Instead, it celebrates the essence of sugarcane juice, distilled to perfection.

Looking ahead, Abhijeet and Simran’s long-term vision encompasses changing people’s perception of rum, spreading out in various states of India and also establishing a global presence, ensuring quality and authenticity in every bottle.

With plans for expansion and exploration of new variants, they are aiming to captivate the palates of discerning drinkers worldwide.

Speaking about the Unique Selling Point (USP) of the product Simran says, “Our product is completely natural. We only use water to liquefy our spirit, ensuring it remains 100% pure cane spirit. There’s no added sugar or flavouring to it.”

“Primarily targeting individuals who appreciate single malts or tequila, our rum has a distinctive indigenous taste and flavour to it, appealing especially to those who savor their alcohol on the rocks. Positioned as a premium segment product, Eekh Rum offers a sophisticated drinking experience. Simran recommends crafting classic cocktails such as the Caipirinha with our rum.”

As they navigate the world of marketing promotions, social media emerges as a key tool, alongside collaborations with influencers to spread awareness about this new category of rum. Abhijeet emphasizes the product’s unique selling points, highlighting its minimalistic approach and the promise of a hangover-free indulgence.

Currently, Simran handles product development, blending, ensuring liquid consistency, and spearheading promotions and marketing efforts and Abhijeet manages project finances, vendor relationships, sales, and administrative tasks.

Reflecting on their journey, Abhijeet and Simran find solace in the rich history of sugarcane and its integral role in shaping cultures and traditions. Eekh Rum, with its Indianized name and simplistic logo inspired by the sun, pays homage to this legacy.

Priced at Rs 3650 in Goa, Eekh Rum offers not just a drink, but an experience steeped in tradition, passion, and authenticity. As they raise their glasses to toast to their journey, Abhijeet and Simran invite drinkers to join them in savouring the spirit of Eekh.